BIOE 201 - Fall 2017

Conservation Principles in Bioengineering

Course Information

Classes: Tuesdays, 6:00-8:50 PM; 112 Transportation Building
Course credits: 3 hours


Prerequisites:  CHEM 104, MCB 150, & PHYS 212

Required Textbook:  Saterbak, Ann, McIntire, Larry, San, Ka-Yiu,
Bioengineering Fundamentals. Upper Saddle River, NJ:
Pearson Prentice Hall, 2007. ISBN: 0130938386


Dr. Imoukhuede picture

Dr. P. I. Imoukhuede

Associate Professor, Bioengineering

Office Hours: TBA
Location: 3235 Digital Computer Laboratory (DCL), Urbana, IL

Teaching Assistant

Edward Chen

Ph.D Student, Bioengineering
Office Hours: Thursday 1:30-2:30pm
Location: 1103 Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory (MNTL), Urbana, IL

Chen Liao

Ph.D Student, Bioengineering
Office Hours: Tuesday 4-5pm
Location: 3125 Digital Computer Laboratory (DCL), Urbana, IL

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to enable students to introduce the fundamentals of Bioengineering. Specifically, students will be able to do the following:

  1. Conduct various engineering calculations proficiently
  2. Identify important information in biological systems
  3. Describe biological phenomena visually, i.e. diagrams, in terms of "systems"
  4. Set up idealized models under a set of justified assumption
  5. Apply conservation and accounting equations to models to describe phenomena mathematically
  6. Analyze results to justify the accuracy or relevance of obtained expressions
  7. Demonstrate proficiency by analyzing real-life biological/physiological processes
  8. Understand positive teaming practices and apply these practices to teams
  9. Develop leadership identity and motivation to lead

Course Policies


This course will follow all policies in the Student Code (


Regular attendance is essential for successful completion of this course. Additionally, class participation aids in the development of a learning community within this course, so you are expected to attend class and to actively participate.

Late Policy

You are expected to submit assignments on the due dates.  Late assignments will not be accepted. 


Accommodations: All accommodations will follow the procedures as stated in Article 1-110 of the Student Code. To obtain disability-related academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids, students with disabilities must contact the Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) as soon as possible. To contact DRES, you may visit 1207 S. Oak St., Champaign, call 333-4603, e-mail or go to the DRES website. If DRES provides a student with a letter of accommodation, the student must email the letter to both the professor and TA at least 2 weeks prior to any exam or quiz in which the student requires accommodation. Since quizzes are unannounced, students are advised to address all accommodation concerns immediately. 

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity: We expect you to uphold the highest ethical standards, be honest, and practice academic integrity.  This includes doing original work and citing sources used.  Students are encouraged to talk to each other, the professor or anyone else about any assignment in the course. This assistance is limited to the discussion of the problem and perhaps sketching of a solution. Students must complete their own work. This course will follow Article 1-4 (1-401 through 1-406) of the Student Code.  This rule defines infractions of academic integrity, which include but are not limited to cheating, fabrication, and plagiarism.  You are responsible for following these guidelines.  If you have any questions about whether something would be an infraction, please review both the College of Engineering and Bioengineering webpages on academic integrity (listed below) and consult with the instructor before proceeding. 

Appreciation for and Utilization of Diversity

We value the diversity represented by the participants in this course. Our diversity is a primary source of ideas and perspectives, and you will work in cohorts to practice the use of that diversity. We expect that students will work together to assume a variety of roles effectively drawing on each other's skills, interests, and strengths, and interacting in a collaborative and collegial manner. 


Your grade will be determined by combining the points earned from the following categories:

Category Sub-point Total
Homework 200 points
Quizzes/Participation 150 points
Exam #1 150 points
Exam #2 150 points
Exam #3 150 points
Final Project 200 points
Total points 1000 points

Homework is due on the date indicated on the assignment. Late homework will not be accepted. Homework in the course will comprise engineering problems, project progress reports, and team building and leadership exercises; each of these will contribute to your final grade. Log on to PrairieLearn to enroll in the course and access the homework:


There will be three exams administered during the semester. Any absence that is not pre-approved will result in a zero for that exam. Cell phone use will not be permitted during examinations. Students may not leave the room during examinations. This course uses the College of Engineering Computer-Based Testing Facility (CBTF) for its exams: The policies of the CBTF are the policies of this course, and academic integrity infractions related to the CBTF are infractions in this course. Any problem with testing in the CBTF must be reported to CBTF staff at the time the problem occurs. If you do not inform a proctor of a problem during the test then you forfeit all rights to redress.


In class quizzes will be assigned throughout the semester either individually or to student groups.  All quizzes will be due on the lecture date for 100% of points, on the recitation date for 80% of points, or by the next lecture for 50% of points. Log on to PrairieLearn to enroll in the course and access quizzes: 


Projects and presentations will be assigned during the semester. No extensions will be granted.


The only exception to these rules will be for true emergencies rising to the level of involving the Emergency Dean.  For more information regarding emergencies, see the Office of the Dean of Students website.

Grading Breakdown (scale)

Letter grade Final score (%)
A+ 97% - 100%
A 93% - 97%
A- 90% - 93%
B+ 87% - 90%
B 83% - 87%
B- 80% - 83%
C+ 77% - 80%
C 73% - 77%
C- 70% - 73%
D+ 67% - 70%
D 63% - 67%
D- 60% - 63%
F 0% - 60%


To be announced.


The following list will be updated shortly after each homework is assigned in class. Feel free to email the T.A. if you have trouble accessing the problem set files.

Homework 3

Conservation of mass problems