Laboratory Assignments

There are penalties on late demos and reports. Read course description and outline for details.

Assignment Date Assigned Date DueRelated Links Class Notes Grading Guidelines
Lab 1: Setting Up Linux January 15 January 31 Linux Documentation, XFree86, Linux PPP HOWTO,
Recommended Linux kernel configuration changes,
Sample xorg.conf, Sample Grub configurations
FC8 Installation (Week 1),
Routing and PPP (Week 2)
Grading Guidelines
Lab 2a: UML Setup January 29 February 6-7 Kernel HOWTO (refer to local document if not available),
User Mode Linux, UML Wiki Web Site, Old UML HOWTO
UML (Week 3),
UML post 1
Grading Guidelines
Lab 2b: TCP Timers February 5 February 13-14 (demo)
February 20-21 (report)
Congestion Control in Linux TCP, Sock, TcpDump, TcpTrace,
Related Tools, IPerf, CScope, CBrowser, Wlan-NG Driver,
testip.c (Convert IP address to internal representation),
modified ip_forward.c (used in conjunction with testip.c),
Enhanced sock program
Kernel Instrumentation (Week 4),
TCP Timers (Week 5),
UML post 2
Grading Guidelines
Lab 3: SNMP February 19 February 27-28 (1st demo)
March 5-6 (2nd demo/report)
Net-SNMP, Linux Kernel Newbies Wiki, Unreliable Guide to Locking
(also in /usr/src/linux/Documentation/DocBook), Sysctl Interface,
Stalling's 1998 paper on SNMPv3, Linux networking kernel paper
Introduction to SNMP,
Lab3 Impl. Notes (Week 6),
Network Impl. in Kernel (Week 7)
Grading guidelines
Lab 4: Encapsulating
TCP Packets
March 4 March 26-27 TCP/UDP echo servers, Netlink sockets Lab4 Impl. Notes (Week 8) Grading guidelines
Lab 5: Real-Time TCP March 25 April 9-10 Liang and Cheriton' 2003 paper on TCP-RTM, Netlink sockets
TCP-RTM (Week 9),
Servers for experiments
Grading guidelines
Lab 6: Independent
April 1 April 8 (discussion)
April 15 (1st pres.)
April 22 (2nd pres.)
April 29 (3rd pres.)
May 6-8 (demo)
Datagram Congestion Control Protocol, Kohler's page on DCCP,
Reliable Multicasts, INFOCOM'2000 paper on CHOKe,
ToN'2004 paper on Understanding CHOKe, RFC page,
Troll Application Program, ETFA'06 paper on wireless QoS
Lab6 Impl. Notes (Week 11) Presentation guidelines
Demo/report grading guidelines