ECE 343

Electronic Circuits Laboratory

This laboratory course accompanies ECE342, Electronic Circuits, which covers basic dc and amplifier circuits for MOS and BJT devices. ECE342 coverage also includes MOS logic, amplifier frequency response, feedback amplifiers, and power amplifier basics.

In the laboratory, two-person teams execute four design-oriented projects in the semester. Together, these involve all of the main points covered in ECE342, and are sequenced to coordinate with the ECE342 syllabus. From the outset, extensive use is made of the professional version of PSpice as a design and analysis tool. Finished designs are constructed and bench-tested.

Lab Projects

Project #1    Network Analysis

Project #2    MOS Logic Circuits

Project #3    Power Supply Circuit

Project #4    CMOS Op Amp

Note: Use your Active Directory password to access the lab projects.  The password can be set or changed at:  CITES Password Manager.

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