ECE 340: Semiconductor Electronics

John Dallesasse
(217) 333-8416
2114 Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory


Prof. M. Gilbert (Sec. A)
(217) 333-3064

Office Hours: Tue 9:30-10:30AM (MNTL 2256)

Prof. K. Kim (Sec. C)
(217) 333-7162

Office Hours: Thu 4-5PM (45 Everitt Laboratory)

Prof. J. Dallesasse (Sec. E, X)
Office Hours: Mon/Wed 2-3PM (MNTL 2114)

Office hours held as listed in the given locations. Please contact an instructor to arrange a meeting at non-scheduled times.


R. Bambery
Office Hours: Wed 9-10AM 1261 MNTL

C. Wang
Office Hours: Thu 3-4PM 3003 MNTL

B. Kesler
Office Hours: Wed 4:30-5:30PM 3005 MNTL

D. Zuo
Office Hours: Tue 4-5PM 3221 MNTL

F. Ismail
Office Hours: Thu 9-10AM Beckman Institute, 3rd Floor Bridge, outside Rm. 3203

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