CS 241: System Programming

Fall 2011


1404 Siebel Center



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Course Materials

Course Resources

For all technical and class related questions, go to Piazza:

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For personal questions only, email questions to: cs241help-fa11@cs.uiuc.edu
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Course Staff

Robin Kravets (Instructor)

Office: 3114 SC
Office Hours:
Tuesdays, 10am - 12noon

Matt Caesar (Instructor)

Office: 3118 SC
Office Hours:
Wednesdays, 5pm - 7pm


Wade Fagen, Office Hours: Mondays, 2pm - 4pm (0220 SC)

Farhana Ashraf, Office Hours: Fridays, 3pm - 5pm (0220 SC)

Matt Trower, Office Hours: Mondays, 4pm - 6pm (0220 SC)

Discussion Sections (all in 0220 Siebel Center)

10 am - 10.50 am: Farhana

11 am - 11.50 am: Farhana

1 pm - 1.50 pm: Wade

2 pm - 2.50 pm: Wade

3 pm - 3.50 pm: Matt

4 pm - 4.50 pm: Matt

Undergraduate Lab Assistants

Keunhong Park, Friday 2-4pm
Shengjie Wang, Friday 3-5pm
Bobby Zhongbo Chen, Sunday 7-9pm
Brian Wang, Sunday 8-10pm
Alex Litzau, Monday 1-3pm
Sam Groth, Monday 6-8pm

Updated:August 18, 2011